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Neurofeedback Services in Denver, CO

Helping individuals ages 8- adulthood discover ways to manage life's obstacles.

It can feel tough to deal with when too much is happening in life. Most people who start neurofeedback services feel stuck repeating the same patterns or feel they are unable to move forward. Perhaps you can relate. Maybe you're noticing that you complain a lot about feeling stressed, tired, and unfulfilled or you know you'd be happier if you made changes, but it feels safer and more comfortable to stay the same. I have been in your shoes and I am here to help. 


Neurofeedback is a process of optimizing your brain, whether through making various brainwaves less overpowering or more powerful. All of our brainwaves have a function that serves us however, when they are too powerful or underpowered, they can correlate with symptoms that cause impairment in our lives. Neurofeedback allows the brain to see what it is doing and then adjust, just as you might adjust an out-of-place hair or crooked collar when looking at yourself in a mirror. At its core, neurofeedback is a process of learning, much like learning to read or ride a bike. With repetition, the brain learns the skill, becoming something it doesn't need to relearn unless there is a dramatic change that alters its state. This is the short version. Educating the client is one of the most important values The Japanese Lantern holds. It is very important that the client feels supported and educated throughout their treatment. In general, when your physiology is regulated, you can access what you know is in alignment for you to do. Neurofeedback is the key to this access. 

Do You Feel Insecure, Moody, Overwhelmed?

Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • You feel like you lack motivation to do anything.

  • You feel lonely, even when you are with others.

  • You feel unable to do your day-to-day responsibilities.

  • You wake up every morning feeling overwhelmed and depressed.

  • You feel like you are wandering through life, feeling like something is missing or your balance is "off."

If this sounds true for you, I want you to know that what you are experiencing is normal, even though this kind of stuff isn't talked about much. Reaching out for help can provide you with the support and encouragement you need. I have found that when you put your own joy and happiness first, everything else tends to fall into place. 

Neurofeedback Services Can Help You Feel Like Your Real Self Again

It’s possible to feel better. Imagine a life where you could...

  • Really feel joy.

  • Have improved attitude, mood, and productivity.

  • Shift into a more positive and hopeful outlook on life.

  • Improve your relationship with yourself and those you choose to share yourself with.

  • Get to the root problems and solve those instead of using band-aids.

Live Life as Who You Really Are

Neurofeedback Services helps you rise above your challenges and start moving towards your ideal life with less stress and with increased ease. 

You will gain the ability to have a “flexible” brain and nervous system. Throughout this process, we will discover things about yourself that you haven't realized before and overcome life’s present challenges.

I've helped many struggling with their unique challenges understand themselves in a more complete way. Oftentimes, it is our physiology that affects our cognition and behaviors. It's not that we are not trying hard enough, or thinking the right things, or are not doing enough, it's that we may have had a dysregulated nervous system driving the bus. Once that comes online, we can access our true selves and thoughts.

How Neurofeedback Services Works

Here’s how it will work step-by-step:

1. First, we discuss your current challenges and how these challenges are affecting your life.
2. Through hearing your story, I will start to get a picture of what your challenges are.
3. We then discuss neurofeedback, what it is and the process so you can start to see how your physiology may be creating your symptoms.
4. We establish a baseline and document your symptoms so that we can check in to gauge progress every 10 sessions.
5. We will then have an appointment to collect data that will be used to create your brain map or quantitative EEG report (qEEG).
6. From a review of your symptoms, and later from the qEEG, you will start the process of training and optimizing your brain through neurofeedback.

Research Shows That Neurofeedback Services Can Positively Change Your Thinking, Beliefs, Emotions, and Behaviors. It Can Help You Let Go of What’s Holding You Back.

Let’s Get Started Today

Ready to start feeling better? If you feel stuck repeating the same patterns or unable to move forward, Neurofeedback Services could help.

Start now and discover ways to manage whatever life throws at you. During your free discovery consultation, you can share what’s going on for you and we can explore how I can help.

Email me for your free discovery consultation today at

Neurofeedback and Counseling Fees

  • Brain Map (qEEG) and qEEG Review $550

  • First 3 Neurofeedback Sessions $135 (60-Minutes Each)

  • Individual Neurofeedback Session $100 (45-Minutes)

  • Package of First 10 Sessions (3 One-Hour Sessions + 7 Forty-Five-Minute Sessions) $1035

  • Package of 10 Neurofeedback Sessions After 10 Initial Sessions- $900

  • Individual Counseling Session $150 (50-Minutes)

Please check out the "neurofeedback FAQ tab" for more information. 


Tel: 720.336.0443



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